‘I need a PRIVATE wee’…

At your convenience..

…announced my gorgeous stepdaughter (aged 8) the other day.  And quite right too – every girl needs to maintain her mystique, after all.  Unfortunately chez HipOptimist, this is not as easy as it sounds.  Locks do not fit easily onto 300 year old cottage doors.   On top of which, bathroom doors which lock are not really do-able since Irish sustained his head injury doing ‘military things’ in the desert.  Having a blackout in the bath or shower could be really dangerous so we need to ensure we can get easy access to the bathroom in an emergency.

Hmm – what to do? Visitors always look rather nervous, when they ask how they will know if the bathroom is occupied, and the response ‘just knock’ doesn’t seem to reassure them. Our littlest has always been sensitive about her privacy, and now that her lovely older sister is fast approaching her 13th birthday, the House is in dire need of, if not locks, then at least some kind of system.

I stole the idea for ‘door hangers’ from our visit to Southernhay House in Exeter for a dirty weekend. Instead of ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hangers, the hotel rooms had wooden baubles dangling from the doorknobs for you to put on the front of the door at night – that is, if you want the dirtiness to continue in the morning (we did).

The hanger on the left appropriately says ‘laugh often, talk much, sit long’. It costs £4.50 from Designs on Pine.

Enter at your own risk..

I picked this fish-shaped one (right) up from King’s Garden Centre in Exmouth for a similar price.

And this one (below) is the best value of all – just 99p from Country Bumpkins Gifts..

Translation: Watch out! Private wees taking place inside..

So far, the system has worked really well.  A hanger on the outside of the door means somebody is
inside. If there’s no hanger on the door, the bathroom is empty.  Our eight year old has cracked it – and remembers to put the hanger back on the inside of the door again when she leaves.  But whether it stands up to the ‘nervous visitor’ test is uncertain.  It’s looking like the in-laws (due for a trip to Devon soon) will be the first guinea pigs! Time for nervous hosts, rather than visitors, perhaps..
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