Guess who’s coming to live with us?

Some happy and exciting news today to take my mind off the pre-operative assessment for my Peri-Acetabular Osteotomy (PAO) this week.  We are getting a gorgeous Italian Greyhound puppy!

This is Juno – she is currently 4 weeks old and living with her mum and breeder in Yorkshire.  She will be arriving with us in mid-August after both vaccinations have kicked in and we are all very excited.

We have been debating getting a pup for a while  – good company for Irish (people with head injuries often have ‘support’ or ‘companion’ dogs), but also for our Bengal cat who by far prefers dogs to cats.

We chose an Italian greyhound because we wanted a ‘velcro dog’ which would stick to Irish like glue and give him companionship when he’s suffering with his head injury.  Italian Greyhounds are speedy, but gentle and loving dogs, so perfect for us! We have plenty of enclosed space to exercise her and are looking forward to giving her lots of cuddles and to having her as part of our family.

Lots of people with head injuries find that dogs are tremendous companions and support – some dogs can even provided as ‘assistance’ dogs in the same vein as guide dogs for the blind.  You can find more out about this via Canine Partners or Dogs for the Disabled.

The breeder is giving us weekly updates on Juno’s progress, and she seems to be turning into a happy, sociable and very loving dog who has How cute?!already learned to give kisses! To give you an idea of size, here she is fast asleep on her breeder’s wrist. She really is tiny!

When Juno arrives in August, I’ll be a few weeks past my operation but still on crutches – so house training will be interesting! We have tried to tell (or perhaps warn) Harry, our cat, but the wood burner is still the focus of all his attention.  Here he is worshipping at the altar of lovely woody burny goodness.  I must confess that with all this awful wet weather, I can’t really blame him!

Life’s hard when you’re a Bengal cat..

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