Work-in-Progress Wednesday!

Knitting is one of my big pleasures.  I love the idea that this is a timeless skill that has been passed on through generations, just as my grandmother taught me. I’m not very good at it yet! For a long time, all I managed to produce was…well, really long pieces of knitting.  Here (below) is a blanket that I’ve loved working on.  I would like it to be a kind of heirloom picnic blanket so when I’ve decided it’s big enough, I’ll probably back it with a kikoy towel or perhaps a brushed cotton sheet or some fleece to make it even cosier.

The ‘TOGETHER’ squares came about because ‘together’ was the theme of an exhibition of my local ‘knit and natter’ group.  Of course I didn’t manage to get the blanket done in time for the exhibition!  But through my friendship with the knit and natter ladies – also known as the Hatherleigh hookers – I’ve also got something even more special out of my favourite hobby.  A sense of belonging and community – togetherness indeed.

And woop – now it seems like knitting is actually cool – well, relatively speaking!   Perhaps it’s a way of rejecting the smash and grab consumption trends of the noughties, and tapping into the ‘grow your own’ ethos.  In that way it’s like seeing your garden come alive in springtime.  The pleasure is in the gradualness of it, the anticipation of seeing it come together (that word again).

I’m not the fastest or neatest knitter in the world, but since I love to look at other knitting blogs, I will try to share my progress once a week. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Wow, that looks fab! Am suitably impressed 🙂

    • Really? Thank you Kate! I’m actually starting another one in a different yarn, for my mother. I’ll put some photos up on the blog when I’m a bit further along…

  2. This is beautiful, something to really treasure.

    • Thank you so much, you are generous. Please don’t look at it too closely! Every square has a ‘deliberate mistake’ (oops).

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! It’s so meaningful to have the word “together” on it! 🙂 From the first picture, I thought you did a colour change for each dot but then I saw the second picture and realized it wasn’t! I was about to comment that those dots must have tested your patience hahaha

  4. Thank you! I actually did do a colour change for each bobble – I am still quite early on in my adventures in knitting, and carrying the yarn behind seemed too hard to do at that time. But oh, those ends… How in hell can anyone weave dark coloured ends into cream knitting? I didn’t..*blush* I just cut the ends to about half an inch…another reason why this blanket is in desperate need of backing! Thanks again for the lovely comments 🙂


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